Sunday, 20 August 2017

I got me back

I don't post as often anymore. Simply because I just am sober. I have some distance behind me now and so my normal day to day life doesn't feature drink and doesn't, now, feature me thinking about drink.

When I go out, less now than I used to, I notice I'm usually not the only abstainer. People who I used to hold the bar up with, now drink less, or don't drink at all. My 3am procecco girl no longer drinks more than half a glass all evening. My university wing girl, she of many unspeakable debauch nights, often drinks sparkly juices, not coping with the hangover now. Others just "don't feel like it" tonight. Another friend has started to read the usual books on not drinking.

Yet more old timers and booze buddies still drink, but less, and are no longer proud of the gargantuan volumes they neck, but are rather conscious of the tick tock of the booze bomb and go on about knowing they need to cut back. They ask me how and why I did it, through genuine interest rather than lining me up for a takedown.

When I am thinking about drinking now, this puts a stop to any further thoughts .... everyone around me is slowing down, cutting back, acknowledging their excesses as negatives, or simply quitting. If I started back up again, I would have found my friends have moved on.

Just because you've always done something, doesn't mean you always have to.

My friends are moving on and I am too. I am about to change my career. This new job move is a big change. A risk and an unknown. One I feel confident about though. You see I quit drink and I got a life back. I got choice back, and I got bravery back. I got me back, and as long as I've got me by my side, I can do anything.


  1. Hi SP!
    Yes! Drinking took us far away from ourselves.
    I am finding myself too! (Although it's thaken me a bit longer! lol)

  2. Hi :)
    This is such a good post. I love the way that, just like the wind, things have changed.
    We are so caught up in what we think will be the outcome that we just don't try. Some of the brave ones, like you, just up and did it - pioneers I reckon!
    Thanks SP
    Michelle x

  3. I love the positive tone of this, I'm happy for you that you're moving forwards to better and brighter things :)